What I Learned From The Wizard “God Mode” Bug

My “God Mode” Experience

In the past 24 hours it became public knowledge among Diablo 3 players how to make the Wizard invulnerable for an unlimited duration, through a combination of Teleport and Archon.

I have a level 60 of each class, so I was naturally inclined to try it out. Initially I was hesitant to use it. After all, it’s plain unfair.

But eventually the curious and game developer side of me won over. This was helped by the fact that Blizzard did nothing about it all day, nor did they say anything about their policies on such an exploit.

So I tried it out for about an hour.

The game suddenly felt alive. It felt like your character was actually powerful. Instead of getting destroyed by tiny spiderlings, he annihilated entire demonic armies, and then some. The game became 10 times more fun.

At the end of the hour, Blizzard announced their server reset warning. But I had already gotten what I needed out of it.

I had seen the future of Diablo 3. As the game continues, players’ gear and power will only improve. Patch 1.0.4 is already known to contain major class buffs and powerful legendary items. And knowing how Blizzard nerfs WoW raids over time, we can only assume the same may happen to Diablo 3 Inferno to appease the casuals, even when better gear already makes the content easier.

The Future of Diablo 3

All this boils down to the fact that eventually, all of us will be entering God Mode, no matter what class we play. We might not be permanently invulnerable, but we will be destroying monsters left and right, instead of running around like chickens and kiting mobs across entire maps.

And with God Mode appeared all the endgame flaws of the game. Even with God Mode, a mode that is 10x more fun than current mode, the game is still not really that enticing to play. There are many things lacking in the endgame, that are especially noticeable when your character has God Mode activated. They include:

  • No formalized competition. This will be fixed via a ladder system and PvP.
  • Low amount of cool, unique items. Natalya’s set contains pretty much the only “cool” items currently, and only for the set bonuses. This makes grinding for items uninteresting. This will hopefully be partially fixed with 1.0.4 legendaries, but the game still needs more complexity in items.
  • Low amount of viable builds. Hopefully 1.0.4 will alleviate some of this, but I doubt one patch alone can fix it. It will take time.
  • Lack of complexity. I completely agree with removing the Diablo 2-style stat point system. However, by also removing skill levels, there is almost no complexity in the skill system (as well as item system). This will need a MAJOR patch to fix, such as Diablo 2’s patch 1.10, which introduced synergies, adding a lot of depth to the system.

These changes would make the end game far more interesting than it currently is.

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2 Responses to What I Learned From The Wizard “God Mode” Bug

  1. micskill says:

    Need to double the proc on hit bonuses or something too

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