Diablo 3: No-AH Hardcore Mode

There’s not much left for me to do in softcore. I’ve leveled one of each class to 60 and beaten Inferno, twice. I’ve played funny/gimmick builds on my characters like a Melee Meteor Wizard, a Thorns/Life Leech Pet Witch Doctor, a ranged Barbarian, a Grenades/Rockets Demon Hunter, and a fairly normal Monk, since Monks just don’t have much variety.

Anyways, this has led me to try out Hardcore, with a couple of restrictions:

  • I cannot use the AH.
  • I cannot take items from other players.

I want to see how far I can get without external help, and see if the drop rates are indeed balanced against the difficulty in Nightmare and Hell. (It’s obviously balanced in Normal, and obviously not balanced in Inferno.)

So far, I’m overleveling on Nightmare a bit, because I want to minimize the chance of death. I have a level 46 Barbarian, 45 Monk, and 45 Wizard all at the start of Act 3, and I am farming Bastion’s Keep for levels. The reason I made those 3 classes is so that I can share Str/Dex/Int gear with the appropriate class, as I am not using the AH. A Demon Hunter is just too risky in my experience. In softcore, I have more “stupid” deaths on my Demon Hunter than on any other class, just because of how fragile they are. And a Witch Doctor is too bland compared to the Wizard, who can actually use a small variety of builds.

It’s a thrill every time I find a good item upgrade, but at the same time, most items are already turning out to be junk. I crafted 20 of the 5-prop level 46 belts, and only 2 of them were actually upgrades of my level 31-42 belts that my characters currently had. Of course, I know from softcore that this only gets much worse in Inferno. However, I would like to see how Nightmare/Hell feel in general. I will post results here.

I have so far lost a level 34 Wizard. I was farming Crypt of the Ancients, and ran into a rare group of Horde Arcane Enchanted. I got completely surrounded with Teleport still on cooldown, and then TWO Arcane Sentries spawned right underneath me. Not one, but TWO. I couldn’t move. I popped Diamond Skin and tried to wait for Teleport to come back up, but the two arcane orbs ate my Wizard alive.

Anyways, I rolled a new Wizard that is level 45 now, as explained above. I’m trying to avoid surrounds from now on. :/

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