Blizzard Hides Subtle Message That 0.999… = 1

The Image:

Facebook link to the image: [link]

Zoomed-in version on Twitter: [link]

If you look carefully at the Twitter version, there is a hidden message in the bottom left:

That is the proof that Blizzard used in their 2004 April Fool’s joke press release.

It says:

LIM(m --> ∞) SUM(N = 1)^M (9)/(10^N) = 1 
0.9999... = 1
 x = 0.9999... 
10x = 9.9999... 
10x - x = 9.9999... - 0.9999... 
 9x = 9 
 x = 1.

Thanks to forum poster SgtFaTaL for bringing this message to our attention.

But Wait!

The question is, why would Blizzard hide this particular message?

It seems to be related to the extremely hostile negative feedback they have been receiving on the Diablo 3 forums. So many have been blindly attacking various parts of the game out of anger or just to fit in with the rest of the group, and so few have actually been using math or logic to analyze what exactly is going on with the game. Those with reason have repeatedly tried to convince the complainers that the game is not that bad, but the complainers won’t listen to reason.

Sound familiar?

That’s how the forums were like when Blizzard announced the 2004 April Fools press release that 0.999… = 1.

Those of you who read my real-life blog probably already know that I am a math major at Cornell University. For people like us, it is plain obvious that 0.999… = 1. It is as fundamental as 1 + 1 = 2. There are numerous ways to prove it, and the one Blizzard released is an elegant one.

Many people on Blizzard forums at the time began to argue that 0.999… was not equal to 1, and came up with many false and erroneous “proofs.” And no matter how much math, no matter how many facts, and no matter how much logic you used to show that they were wrong, they would not listen. They were blinded to their view and when someone is blinded, they will not sway to facts or logic.

I’m not just talking about a small, unintelligent demographic here. Even a very smart physics major I know at Cornell initially had trouble understanding that 0.999… is equal to 1.

Thus, hiding the 0.999… = 1 proof in their Diablo 3 profile teaser is a brilliant move on Blizzard’s part. It’s their way of saying “Here are the facts. If you don’t like them, fine, but they’re the facts and you gotta deal with them.

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