Rant on Tier 13 and the LFR

Whoa, I’m talking about WoW? On a Diablo 3 rant blog? I must have really run out of stuff to talk about in D3, haven’t I?

How LFR By Design Made Tier 13 Boring

I played only during the Cataclysm, so my raid experience is limited to Tiers 11, 12, and 13. As far as mechanics go, there is one crucial difference between 11/12 and 13.

Since Tier 13 was designed with the LFR in mind, every fight includes everyone moving together and doing the same thing. In Normal, the only exception is Zon’ozz, where you need to split into two groups, but even this is pretty self explanatory.

  • The overarching theme of the Dragon Soul, Tier 13, is that everyone stands in one place and attacks the same thing.

How were Tiers 11 and 12 different? They often had fights where different parts of the raid would do completely different things. Just a few examples, with Normal mode mechanics (much more complex with heroic):

  • Magmaw (T11): Ranged kiting group on the worms, while melee were up close on the boss. Also, a few people had to jump on the boss. Meanwhile, there was plenty of fire to dodge.
  • Nefarian (T11): The DPS had to split between Onyxia and Nef in phase 1, then the entire raid splits to different platforms in Phase 2, then the off-tank needed to kite like a pro in Phase 3.
  • Atramedes (T11): The raid needs to assign someone to hit the gongs and someone to do the running.
  • Valiona and Theralion (T11): This was a nightmare for uncoordinated groups. The sheer amount of mechanics was insane. There were stack/spread timings, dodging flame breaths, careful dispelling, watching two different debuffs (which caused opposite reactions), and the fires that filled up a third of the room three times.
  • Shannox (T12): The dps need to carefully split between the three targets (depending on the strategy), while the tanks kited like crazy. There were traps everywhere to avoid.
  • Beth’tilac (T12): Again, the whole upstairs/downstairs split.
  • Alysrazor (T12): People on left/right, people interrupting, people attacking boss, and the person/people flying. The tanks also ran around a ton.
  • Ragnaros (T12): If the raid just stands in one place for this, it is pretty much an instant wipe. There are so many mechanics going on that it makes every other fight in this list a tank and spank by comparison.

All of the other encounters had punishing mechanics as well that each person had to individually pay attention to. Rhyolith required dps splitting, Domo required timed stacking/spreading as well as watching for individual debuffs, Cho’gall required a group to run to the back, the Ascendant Council required major dps splitting and buff/debuff awareness, etc.

But Tier 13 has none of that. It would be way too hard for most players to defeat any of the above fights and their mechanics. Imagine how LFR would be against Ragnaros, even overgearing it significantly. How many attempts would it take? Would the average LFR group even be able to defeat it? How many people would actually attack the Sons of Flame or watch everyone’s HP bars before detonating a magma trap? Based on how almost nobody attacks the Blistering Tentacles in the Deathwing fight, I’d say not very many people would.

Every Tier 11/12 boss would be a guaranteed wipe for the average LFR group. Heck, I didn’t even mention Conclave of Wind or Al’Akir yet. It would be hilarious to watch an LFR group attempt one of those.

So instead, Blizzard was forced by design to simplify the mechanics of the Tier 13 boss fights. This is why for every boss, the raid sticks together the entire fight and everyone does the same thing. LFR Ultraxion is probably the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. In Tier 13 there are flat out no interesting mechanics.

How Are People So Bad at the Game?

With pre-Tier 11 gear, people were easily doing 10k dps in heroic dungeons. Yet in Tier 13 LFR gear, some people are still struggling to do 10k dps.

The LFR even has a minimum gear requirement of item level 372. This is HEROIC Tier 11 gear. People in Tier 11 were easily doing 20k+ dps without full heroic sets. Those same people are doing 25k-40k dps with Tier 13 gear, depending on the quality.

And yet, a lot of people are still doing under 20k dps! How is this even possible? This is ridiculous because there is a minimum gear requirement. Some are even doing under 15k dps, and in a few cases, under 10k dps. I’ve seen many times that a Disc atonement priest beat several DPS’ers on dps. This is absurd.

Part of the reason I quit WoW is that I became fed up from carrying people like this. Why should I pay $15 a month to work my butt off so that another person can afk and receive shiny loot. Note that before LFR, you basically don’t have to interact with these people, but LFR made it so you had to.

Alright, that’s my WoW rant.

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