Profiles, Rankings, Etc.

A few days ago profiles were launched for Diablo 3 characters, allowing everyone on the forums to see everyone else’s characters and gear.

I had already snapshotted my characters and gear in this post, but it is interesting to see the distribution of elite kills amongst my characters. I knew my Demon Hunter was going to be first and my Witch Doctor was going to be last, but the middle three surprised me. I thought it was going to be Monk in 2nd, Barb in 3rd, and Wizard in 4th. It turns out I played the Wizard far longer than I had thought.

Anyways, the commotion on the forums seems pretty funny. People are now resorting to insulting each other based on their progression state and character sheet dps levels. I think DPS should never have been stated on the character sheet like it is now.

Interestingly enough, the system in WoW worked a lot better because even with the same level gear, people did much different levels of dps, so you could check Recount or World of Logs to see who was more skilled. However, in Diablo 3, the “dps” is based entirely on gear. Skill still plays a factor in the amount of effective dps one has, but effective dps is not shown anywhere in the game. This is the problem. There is no differentiation between people of different skill levels because skill can be seen in the gap between effective dps and gear level.

If someone is doing very high effective dps for their gear level, then they are skilled, whereas if someone is doing very low effective dps for their gear level, then they are unskilled. In WoW, you could easily check effective dps. In Diablo 3, you can’t. So on the Diablo 3 forums, there is still no differentiation between skilled and unskilled players. This leads to a lot of false accusations and pointless arguments, some of which are pretty entertaining to read.

Then I was alerted to a site called Diablo 3 Progress, made by the creators of WoW Progress. This now allows people to rank their DPS numbers and some other factors, but the main problem is with character buffs. Those logging out with buffs just activated are going to have much higher numbers than someone who doesn’t, even if the person who didn’t put on buffs before logging out had much better real dps.

This will mean that in order to rank in DPS, for instance, a Demon Hunter absolutely must have:

  • Archery.
  • Steady Aim.
  • Sharpshooter.
  • Witch Doctor’s Big Bad Voodoo 25% attack speed buff with the +30% damage rune.
  • Frenzied Shrine

And for a Wizard to rank on armor, she absolutely must have:

  • Energy Armor
  • A Shield equipped instead of a Source
  • Barbarian’s War Cry with the rune that brings the total armor buff to +40%.
  • Monk’s Mantra of Evasion with the rune that increases armor by 20%.

All these are right before they log out.

As you can see, this is going to be ridiculous. Someone without access to a Barb/Monk ally are going to have zero chance to rank in Armor, and someone without a Witch Doctor ally for Big Bad Voodoo is going to have zero chance to rank on DPS.

For the sake of evenness, Blizzard needs to remove all buffs from a player when they logout and then recalculate their stats without buffs. Otherwise there is going to be a phenomenon of borrowing WD’s, Monks, and Barbs for buffs right before people log out, just so that they can hope to rank.

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