1.04 Update

Blizzard just announced some of the many changes that will be coming in patch 1.0.4.

The patch notes themselves look great. Among the other things:

  • Enrage timers removed
  • Invulnerable Minions affix removed
  • Magic-find averaging removed
  • Co-op hp scaling reduced to 75% for all difficulties
  • Lessening the gap between normal monsters and elites
  • Buff of 2-handers
  • Buff of ilvl 61 and 62 weapons
  • Buff of legendaries
  • Buff of underused class skills/runes

These are a lot of good changes that solve a lot of the problems I have been talking about on this blog. And the funny thing is, there are still tons of people complaining on the forums. Wow. Really? It seems like you can never reason with hardcore trolls.

The only issue I see with the patch is that it is almost purely bent on appeasing the casuals and bads (not the same groups). Simultaneously, there will be:

  • Difficulty nerfs
  • Player buffs
  • Item buffs

It seems that Blizzard is going to swing the nerf hammer way too hard. Inferno will be really easy. Easy enough to the point that Inferno should never have existed, and Hell should have been the final difficulty. Now Inferno is just an extra difficulty, so you have to go through the game 4 times instead of 3, for each character. Just more tedium.

I look forward to seeing the class skill/rune balancing update when it comes out. Some good theorycrafting should arise from that.

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