12th highest parsed Wizard armor in the world? (Also 5th Witch Doctor?) (And 1st Resist All period?)

Looks like my Wizard Narg is in 12th at the moment, with 10366 armor. I wonder what would happen if I borrowed a Monk or Barb armor buff…

Also, this is 7th in US rankings apparently. The compressed version on the character page:

Edit: Just found some more shocking data. I cheesed the system by logging out with the Horrifying Aspect buff on my Witch Doctor, Drix. Result was 5th in the world.

The compressed version:

Edit 2: Holy cow, apparently my Monk, Lxs, has #1 in the world on resists, for all classes…

And the mini-version:

Yeah I know, small sample size is small sample size, and the vast majority of people aren’t on this yet (they released resistance rankings within the past 24 hours it seems). But whatever, I’m happy. 😀

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