1.0.4 Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor Changes

Demon Hunter info here, Witch Doctor info here.

  • Buffs to Bola Shot and Entangling Shot.
  • No buff yet to Grenades.
  • Buff of Hatred spenders, including Chakram, Cluster Arrow, and Rain of Vengeance.
  • Buff to pet survivability via pet scaling with vitality and a “Force Armor” type defense, as well as innate regeneration.
  • Buff of innate Mana regeneration from 20 to 45.
  • Redesign of Vision Quest to grant 30% bonus mana regeneration after using a Primary skill. Overall the system is more fluid.
  • Buff of numerous abilities.
  • Splinters and Zombie Bears are not being nerfed.

The pet changes are great, and the Demon Hunter buffs look decent. I just hope that the Wizard and Monk end up being great as well.

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