1.0.4 Wizard and Monk Buffs

Wizard info here, and Monk info here.

  • Hydra runes are being buffed to compete with Venom Hydra.
  • Energy Twister is having its proc coefficient reduced.
  • Various other buffs.
  • Meteor and Arcane Torrent are being buffed.
  • Exploding Palm is being significantly buffed.
  • Seven-Sided Strike and Wave of Light are receiving significant buffs.
  • One With Everything is not being nerfed.

Though these are previews only, they certainly do not outline enough changes to significantly increase the number of builds.

Energy Twister’s proc coefficient is nerfed with the new legendaries in mind. In addition, it is just obviously too powerful in its current state, like pre-nerf Nether Tentacles.

Overall these will be good buffs, but as I mentioned in my post about the Barbarian changes, the buffs shown are hardly enough.

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