Patch 1.0.4

Well, patch 1.0.4 launched earlier today, with many, many changes. Here is a very brief summary:

  • Inferno nerf.
  • Class buffs.
  • New Legendaries.
  • Improved drop rates from white mobs.
  • Paragon levels.
  • Auction House 6-prop search.
  • Co-op easier.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

After about 5 minutes of playing in the new patch, I found this:

The lifesteal affix was originally capped at 3%, but now apparently it can go up to 6%. This is pretty neat.

The Paragon level mechanic forced me to choose a character to main. I decided to go with the Wizard, as I feel it is the most diverse class.

Now I’m interested in what the next patch, 1.0.5, will bring.

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