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Game Psychology: The Superiority Bias in Diablo 3

I originally posted this on the Bnet forums here. 95% of the faculty of the University of Nebraska considered themselves above average in teaching ability and 68% placed their teaching abilities in the top 25%. (Cross 1977) 88% of American … Continue reading

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Path of Exile vs Diablo 3

After having clocked hundreds of hours of Diablo 3, I decided to try out the closed beta of Path of Exile (POE). It is a pretty amazing game as far as design is concerned. The only things I didn’t like … Continue reading

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Why Diablo 2’s Skill System Was Overall Better than Diablo 3’s

[From my post on] PROS of D2 Skill System: 1. Much less gear dependence. In Diablo 3, every skill does damage based on your gear. This is a fact. In Diablo 2, you can walk around naked, but your level 20 … Continue reading

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What I Learned From The Wizard “God Mode” Bug

My “God Mode” Experience In the past 24 hours it became public knowledge among Diablo 3 players how to make the Wizard invulnerable for an unlimited duration, through a combination of Teleport and Archon. I have a level 60 of … Continue reading

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The Leveling Experience Is Awesome, Inferno Is Not

After a little boredom in softcore, I decided to give Hardcore a try. The leveling experience, I must say, is awesome. I must have completely skipped over the fun in softcore, since I remember just trying to hit 60 as … Continue reading

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Psychological Issues Arising From Diablo 3

Many people are venting on the Diablo 3 forums with various complaints the game, usually in an illogical, emotion-filled manner. Sure Diablo 3 has some gameplay flaws that Blizzard developers are working to fix. But the main reason for so much … Continue reading

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A Game of Optimal, Not Viable

Back during the testing of Diablo 3, Blizzard said they were trying to empower the player with a wide selection of viable builds, rather than forcing them into optimal ones. During a run of Normal mode, it is indeed true … Continue reading

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