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1.0.4 Legendaries

The official blog post is here. The legendaries now seem pretty legen—wait for it— —dary! This Youtube video from Blizzard shows some of the new artwork as well: Some of these just look great, especially the Windforce at the end … Continue reading

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Profiles, Rankings, Etc.

A few days ago profiles were launched for Diablo 3 characters, allowing everyone on the forums to see everyone else’s characters and gear. I had already snapshotted my characters and gear in this post, but it is interesting to … Continue reading

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Complexity Is Good

Before they mysteriously abandoned it in Diablo 3, Blizzard has always used the philosophy “Easy to learn, hard to master” in designing its games. In fact, the phrase itself originates back a long while. Look at Starcraft 2, for instance. … Continue reading

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What I Learned From The Wizard “God Mode” Bug

My “God Mode” Experience In the past 24 hours it became public knowledge among Diablo 3 players how to make the Wizard invulnerable for an unlimited duration, through a combination of Teleport and Archon. I have a level 60 of … Continue reading

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The Leveling Experience Is Awesome, Inferno Is Not

After a little boredom in softcore, I decided to give Hardcore a try. The leveling experience, I must say, is awesome. I must have completely skipped over the fun in softcore, since I remember just trying to hit 60 as … Continue reading

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Why Option #4 Is The Best Solution

A couple weeks ago Blizzard wrote a blog post listing 5 options to solve the Magic Find gear swapping issue. The problem is, as stated by Blizzard: Wyatt Cheng: Since release it has become an increasingly common practice to keep … Continue reading

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Multi-Consequence Mechanics Are Bad

There are a lot of mechanics that people complain about in Diablo 3, and while each may be justifiable on its own, in combination they can be far too harsh for most players. For an example of what I am … Continue reading

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