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Confirmation Bias and the Stealth Nerf Delusion

From a thread I posted in the forums. Confirmation Bias.¬† It is the tendency of humans to to only consider evidence that supports their own theories, while ignoring or pushing aside evidence that goes against their theories. It is most … Continue reading

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Even the Slightest Upgrade Feels Great

I thought this was pretty amusing. It was the first time in a very long while that I found a strict upgrade. I’ve found plenty of decent upgrades along the way that sacrificed one or two stats to gain others, … Continue reading

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Patch 1.0.4

Well, patch 1.0.4 launched earlier today, with many, many changes. Here is a very brief summary: Inferno nerf. Class buffs. New Legendaries. Improved drop rates from white mobs. Paragon levels. Auction House 6-prop search. Co-op easier. Numerous bug fixes. After … Continue reading

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1.0.4 Datamined Changes

Diablofans has datamined numerous changes to come in patch 1.0.4. My prediction holds that a lot of abilities after the patch will still be useless. They did numerous buffs to certain abilities, but did not address core mechanics besides the … Continue reading

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1.0.4 Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor Changes

Demon Hunter info here, Witch Doctor info here. Buffs to Bola Shot and Entangling Shot. No buff yet to Grenades. Buff of Hatred spenders, including Chakram, Cluster Arrow, and Rain of Vengeance. Buff to pet survivability via pet scaling with … Continue reading

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1.0.4 Wizard and Monk Buffs

Wizard info here, and Monk info here. Hydra runes are being buffed to compete with Venom Hydra. Energy Twister is having its proc coefficient reduced. Various other buffs. Meteor and Arcane Torrent are being buffed. Exploding Palm is being significantly … Continue reading

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Path of Exile Beta Feedback

I made a post last week about my first impressions playing the PoE (closed) beta and shared my experience¬†with the earlier stages of the game, comparing it to Diablo 3. After about a week, I now have 4 characters: Level … Continue reading

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