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Confirmation Bias and the Stealth Nerf Delusion

From a thread I posted in the forums. Confirmation Bias.  It is the tendency of humans to to only consider evidence that supports their own theories, while ignoring or pushing aside evidence that goes against their theories. It is most … Continue reading

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1.04 Update

Blizzard just announced some of the many changes that will be coming in patch 1.0.4. The patch notes themselves look great. Among the other things: Enrage timers removed Invulnerable Minions affix removed Magic-find averaging removed Co-op hp scaling reduced to … Continue reading

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Why Diablo 2’s Skill System Was Overall Better than Diablo 3’s

[From my post on] PROS of D2 Skill System: 1. Much less gear dependence. In Diablo 3, every skill does damage based on your gear. This is a fact. In Diablo 2, you can walk around naked, but your level 20 … Continue reading

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Stats 101: Understanding RNG in Diablo 3

This is from a post I made on the forums regarding RNG. The thread is here: The Simplest Case To begin, consider a coin flip. Assuming the coin is fair, it has a 50% chance to land Heads (H) … Continue reading

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Mathematics: Why The AH Is The Main Problem

I originally posted this article on the US forums, where it has met surprisingly positive responses. I expected to be trolled, but it seems the trolls were on vacation that day. Many people ask, “Why am I not finding … Continue reading

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Psychological Issues Arising From Diablo 3

Many people are venting on the Diablo 3 forums with various complaints the game, usually in an illogical, emotion-filled manner. Sure Diablo 3 has some gameplay flaws that Blizzard developers are working to fix. But the main reason for so much … Continue reading

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As If On Cue…

So I just made a post a couple days ago about Exaggerating, Cherry Picking, Low Sample Sizes, and RNG and how these lead to forum threads that are founded upon baseless accusation rather than simple logic or math. Now take a … Continue reading

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